Israel Lion Swarovski Silver Bracelet Personalized


Israel Lion Swarovski Silver Bracelet Personalized

Silver press bracelet set with diamond and scripted Fear not, Israel .

Following the BSD concept for useful jewelry, this bracelet aims to grant his wearer with the advantages of the Kabala knowledge. The materials and shapes are thoughtfully designed for creating fashion oriented look while supporting the wearer need for security and confidence.

The talisman effect is generated by two scripts. The one is the famous protection related omen sign of Magen David, while the supporting script is a verse taken from Bible quotes that encourage Jacob to overcome his fears from his brother, as he has been delegated and granted with forces made in Heaven. This quotes where later processed by Rabi Abu Hazera to a famous song and used often as a pep talk for gaining courage.

*Comes with a jewelry box and Certificate of Warranty (1 year).