Prayer Card – Salvation 8*5cm


Prayer Card - Salvation 8*5cm

Prayer Card – Salvation 8*5cm
This Judaica gift preserves the relationship between the Jews of the Diaspora & Israel to Jewish tradition. Both new and interesting in popular Jewish art originating from the Land of Israel – ancient and modern at a reasonable price. The continuity of Jewish tradition is important for us all, and at ahuva we endeavor to bring the Jewish spirit to you directly from the source – the Land of Israel and Jerusalem. A unique handcraft exclusive to ahuva made or designed by Israeli artists.סגולה מוזהבת 8×5 ס מ לכל הישועות
Material :מתכת
Color :זהב
Depth :
Width: 5
Length :8
Size : cm
Minimum order quantity is: 10